Balang Rimbun is a production company creates content of high substance. The combination of  Creative Director Sabri Yunus, a highly experienced industry veteran,  with Managing Director ,Syahid Johan, the son of an artist with a contemporary mind, makes the Balang Rimbun a very unique production company. Two different worlds fuse together to pursue the same goal.


Assisted by Azren Azimuddin, Business Development Manager , who has a background in the digital media/arts and music. His ideas are unique due to his 15 years experience overseas going as far as performing on the streets of Europe. Rahami Rahmat, our Public Relation Manager , is not  only great at connecting with people , he is also has a flair  of capturing the 'moment' through his camera lens . Ironically half of his left eye blind.


Balang Rimbun has proven its strength with the first work titled "Sanggul Beracun"  which has won four awards at the Screen Awards 2011 including  'Best Drama'.


Balang Rimbun is also a book publishing company and the first  book 'Nota Kaki'  ( Footnotes ) won the National Book Award' for Best General Book '2012.


Balang Rimbun might be a new company our output stands out in the industry with immaculate storytelling.


Production house

Publising house